Monday, 6 May 2013


Hello Lovers!

Okay I am in looooove with orange right now. I love my orange pullover, I love my neon orange jacket, I love just everything in orange.

I also started to use my coral-orange lipstick from REVLON again. :)

I also like lilac nail polish, this is one of my all time favourite colours.
It was limited edition by CATRICE but ESSIE has got a nail polish in their sortiment called LILACISM or so and it is just the same colour.

I am also extremely obsessed with withe trousers. This is my first pair of withe trousers, because my mum always said:" NO! You don't get white trousers, they'll be dirty after 5 seconds, when you wear them!"
But finally I got some and I loooove them very much!.

I really liked todays atmosphere. :)

Pullover: Vintage
Trousers: 1921
Shoes: Galizio Torresi 

Those are the most comfortable shoes ever. I love to wear them and also they have the perfect colour. It fits to almost everything. 

Snow, everywhere! 

I absolutely liked how the clouds sat on the mountains today. Looked really pretty!

Wish you all a beautiful evening! 

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