Saturday, 25 May 2013


Hey Lovers,

I have always been looking for a good make-up bag. I have never found one. Some are to big, the others are to small.

I like to carry around a lot of make-up. Well, I do have a lot and of course I have favourite lipsticks, favourite eyshadows and favourite face-products.
And the I have the products I use everyday. 
Yesterday I went to a store in town, where they sell Longchamp and I got myself a Longchamp case. 

It is beautiful and it has the perfect size to keep all my everyday goodies.
I like the fact that it is smaller than the one I had before. 

I actually wanted a royal blue colour but they didn't have one, so I choose a dark brown. It's a classy and beautiful colour. Also it won't get dirty that easy. At least you won't be able to see it that quickly. They also had a black one but I liked the warm brown better.

I wore my MANGO blazer and MANGO blouse to school yesterday. 
I have to wear business-casual outfits for school.

I really like this blazer. 
I love the golden details and the colour. 
I don't know why but somehow it reminds me of a solitary man.
Also I like the structure of the material, which reminds me of a CHANEL suite. 
I got the blazer in fall and I think it was the Kate Moss for MANGO Collection.
They had the blazer also in a olive green and white colour. 
First I didn't see them and was a little sad that I didn't get the white one but now I am happy about it.

I like to take pictures of things, food, nature and everything else.
I waited for my boyfriend to come over and was bored so I grabbed my camera and took a few picture of my flat. My brother used to live in it and now I am allowed to live there during the week.

He furnished the whole flat. My brother has the best sense of style related to interior and I think he had also a good sense of style in fashion. Maybe a bit conservative but though casual-cool.
He is interested in art and likes to go to flea markets to find some treasuries. 
This is why many paintings and vintage idioms are around the flat.

He likes to mix the vintage stuff with new pieces or classic furniture. 
I really to be in this flat because everything is so chic. 

I think this picture is also from a flea market but my brother framed it new. 
This is one of my favourite paintings around the flat because I like the edgy feel.
Also did you notice that the legs are cigars? How cool is that? 
I love it.

I wish you all a nice afternoon and evening and 

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