Friday, 31 May 2013


Hey Lovers,

Since the weather is so bad all the time and I would love to stay inside all day long I had the idea to shoot inside. Well normally I don't like it that much but I have to honour to live in a absolutely gorgeous flat and so it isn't that bad at all.

Well I wanted to wear something summery although it was raining outside and I created this look.
The look is clean and chic and I really love the casual but though chic feel of it.

Lately I have been loving bright colours more and more. This blue silk-blouse is one of my favourite clothing idioms at the moment and of course I love the shoes. I had no chance to wear them outside.
I choose to pair the shoes to the blouse because orange is the complementary colour of blue and it matches perfect. 

On the eyes: GOSH Eyeshadow in BROWN
On the lips: ESTÉE LAUDER Lipstick - FIG 

I applied a bright lipstick because I think it matches the look best. The outfit is simple but has colour in it and in my opinion it looks much better to wear a bright colour on the lips to drag a little focus on it as well. 

Necklace: H&M
Blouse: ZARA
Trousers: 1921
Shoes: Vic Matié

Actually I'm trying to find "my style" and I am a person who can't decide between the "cool" and the "chic" fashion part. I tend to go with the chic part because I think it'll last longer and I have to say that there was a time I hated to go shopping because I always asked myself the same question: "Does this really fit you? Do you really need this?"
Lately I started to try out new thing and I stopped thinking to much. 
I know which colours fit me and I know that I won't buy any too cool idioms.
Normally I am into grey, beige, black white and all the other natural and very basic but though absolutely pretty colours and since I have stopped over-thinking about that whole clothing thing I bought a few "cooler" idioms and I absolutely love them.
Maybe I am going to be doing a collective haul on these idioms.

I am wearing ESSIE CAPRI on my toenails right now and I actually thought it was a little bit more red but I like it although. You have to know that I am the laziest person belonging to toenails. ;)

I wish you all a beautiful day and

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Hey Lovers,

Last weekend was the only beautiful day in a long time and guess what? It has been raining since then. The sun was shining and I got a few new things.

In the afternoon I prepared everything for the BBQ in the evening. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the yummy food but Summer hasn't even started so I am sure I'll get another chance to photograph a typical BBQ at Maison Maria. ;)

Okay let's start with what I got last weekend:

The first thing I got is a pair of shoes and OMG I am so in love with these. I have been looking at them since they arrived at my parents shop. These wedges are from the company Vic Matié, an Italian shoe manufacture. And of course they have a neon orange detail. I am so obsessed with the colour orange right now. It always used to be my favourite colour when I was a little child and now I like it again very much. :)

I went to the drugstore and got a few things I really needed and as always I couldn't resist getting some goodies. I stopped at the ESSIE counter and got a orange nail polish with a hint of red in it.
The colour is called CAPRI and I love the island Capri very much. It is extremely beautiful there.

The next beauty related idiom I got is an eyeshadow from the company GOSH, which I really wanted to try out for a very long time. The company came out in Austria last fall I think, but I am not sure. I actually own one product of them, a velvet lip primer, which I never use, not because it isn't a good product, but I am too lazy to use 500 products in the morning. 
Anyways I got the eyeshadow in the colour BROWN.

The eyeshadow has a warm undertone and a few sparkles in it. I think it is the perfect everyday colour because it can be used on its own. Apply it all over the lid and blend it away to create a soft shade and build the colour in the crease. Blend everything well together and you have a beautiful and little edgy everyday look.

This is how the colour looks blended away.
It would also look very good mixed with a lighter or even a darker colour.
The pigmentation of the product is also very good.
I used the eyeshadow the following week and noticed that without a primer underneath it'll smudge away easily. 
But with a good primer it is a good eyeshadow.
The thing I like the most is of course the colour.

As the weather was so nice I went out and took some pictures of our beautiful garden. I love to be in nature and I love flowers. We have a lovely rockery. As child I used to play with all the stones and I even built little houses for my barbies and little dolls. But I also liked to climb onto the bigger stones or play football with my friends.

We have a lot of fruit trees and shrubs. We also have red and black currants in the early summer. I absolutely love the juice and even more I like the yummy jam that we make out of them. Here you can see red currants in the middle of Spring. They are still green but I am looking forward to eat them. 

I wore simple black jeans, a jeans-shirt and coral-pink nail-polish that day.
I absolutely love to be barefoot. To me it is a sign of freedom and it makes me happy. Also it is good for your health. 

I hope the sun will be up in Austria soon an that Summer returns again. I am sick of wearing thick jackets and Hunters - although they are pretty stylish - and I am sick to freeze all the time. 
The only good thing this weather brings with it is that nature is able to regenerate a little bit.
The glaciers won't melt as soon as they would if there was extremely hot weather.
The wood will grow fast and there might be new springs. 

Anyways, I wish you all a nice evening and 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hey Lovers, 

I found this hair product at the supermarket for only 1 Euro an bought it to try it out.
It smells like rose, which I really like but I am not sure if I'll like this product or not. I can't say much about it because I have just used it a few times. So far I can say that I like oils better than creamy treatments. Anyways, I am still testing the product.


Okay actually I am on a healthy diet right now. To be honest, I am not... But I am trying hard to eat healthy and of course to eat less sugar and less sweet dishes. It's a pity that I like them best. 
However, I also like starters, basically I love food. 
But I am working on my daily food routine.

I enjoyed the nice weather and took a sunbath. I loved to cut limes to put it into my water bottle. I am one of those people who don't like the actual taste of water. Well it's not the taste, I personally think it tasted not bad but it is a little boring. I don't want to drink all those sweet and unhealthy drinks so I came up with the idea to put limes into my water so I have a flavoured water without much sugar and instead natural vitamin C.

I found this orange Summer pullover in my mothers closet and asked her if I could have it and she said yes. That's great.
These days I really love the colour orange and I always wanted to have something orange to wear and now I have this awesome pullover. My mummy wore it when she was a teenager and still had it. That's pretty cool!
Thanks mum!

Today right after school I had a healthy snack with bananas and kiwis. I really love fruits! It is yummy and healthy what do I want more?

I drank a soya-shake. Normally I prefer milk but I thought I could try it out. It tastes very good but I am a milk-drinking-girl! ;)

Later this afternoon I watched O.C. California. I just love this series!
But I am finished with all 4 episodes now and it is very sad that it is over.

I looooove Subway. 
It tastes so delicious and I like the smell of it. 
If I go to Subway I always take the same because I found the perfect Sub. At least for me.

Cheese Oregano 
Cream Cheese
Honey Mustard Sauce

As Subway isn't the healthiest food to eat I decided to make my own sandwich today.

My dinner was a homemade Subway Sandwich with meat, salad, tomatoes, corn and cocktail sauce.

Oh hey it's Winter up there!

I can't believe that it is so warm down in the valley and freezing on top of the mountains. But as you might know I absolutely like the whole snow-on-mountains-thing.

I really loved the sky that evening. It is so beautiful!

I wish you all a nice evening and