Friday, 31 May 2013


Hey Lovers,

Since the weather is so bad all the time and I would love to stay inside all day long I had the idea to shoot inside. Well normally I don't like it that much but I have to honour to live in a absolutely gorgeous flat and so it isn't that bad at all.

Well I wanted to wear something summery although it was raining outside and I created this look.
The look is clean and chic and I really love the casual but though chic feel of it.

Lately I have been loving bright colours more and more. This blue silk-blouse is one of my favourite clothing idioms at the moment and of course I love the shoes. I had no chance to wear them outside.
I choose to pair the shoes to the blouse because orange is the complementary colour of blue and it matches perfect. 

On the eyes: GOSH Eyeshadow in BROWN
On the lips: ESTÉE LAUDER Lipstick - FIG 

I applied a bright lipstick because I think it matches the look best. The outfit is simple but has colour in it and in my opinion it looks much better to wear a bright colour on the lips to drag a little focus on it as well. 

Necklace: H&M
Blouse: ZARA
Trousers: 1921
Shoes: Vic Matié

Actually I'm trying to find "my style" and I am a person who can't decide between the "cool" and the "chic" fashion part. I tend to go with the chic part because I think it'll last longer and I have to say that there was a time I hated to go shopping because I always asked myself the same question: "Does this really fit you? Do you really need this?"
Lately I started to try out new thing and I stopped thinking to much. 
I know which colours fit me and I know that I won't buy any too cool idioms.
Normally I am into grey, beige, black white and all the other natural and very basic but though absolutely pretty colours and since I have stopped over-thinking about that whole clothing thing I bought a few "cooler" idioms and I absolutely love them.
Maybe I am going to be doing a collective haul on these idioms.

I am wearing ESSIE CAPRI on my toenails right now and I actually thought it was a little bit more red but I like it although. You have to know that I am the laziest person belonging to toenails. ;)

I wish you all a beautiful day and


  1. Hehe, den Lack hab ich mir in NYC auch drauf machen lassen. Leider nur zu dünn aufgetragen. Aber ich find ihn toll! Hätte die perfekten Ohrringe für dein Outfit! Gekauft bei JCrew :-)

    1. Cool, ich liebe diese Farbe. Die Ohrringe musst du mir mal zeigen! :)