Friday, 17 May 2013


I saw this cute soap and thought, you have to get it. I actually got two of it. They have the perfect size for my little soap holder and they smell extremely good. I just read a book called Marina from Carlos Ruiz Zafon and the story is extremely good. I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read something thrilling or to someone who likes easy-to-read-stories. The book was extremely good and it contained a special black butterfly. This also made me to buy these soaps.

I got two beautiful bracelets. 

The first one is very summery and I actually don't like the colour turquoise very much but I think this ff diamond bracelet is sooooo beautiful. To me it's the perfect summer-accessoire. 

The second bracelet was a gift from my lovely Mum. I don't know the company because there was no tag hanging on and she forgot it. But I don't care. I really like it.
I definitely should get a rose-gold watch so I could wear it more often. But until I'll get it I pair it to my Christian Audibert rose-gold bracelet that I got from my brother for birthday.

I finally got some white trousers, I have been searching for the perfect ones for ages because I think it is  a little complicated. Some are to see-thru and others are to thick. But these jeans are perfect, they are comfortable, made out of nice material and they fit me perfectly.

I already own a pair of jeans from the company 1921 and I have to say that I never had more comfortable jeans. I love to wear the both. 

I had this pasta-cooking-book for at least three months and I have to say that I really like it. Everything about pasta is exactly explained, the basic recepies and also some very delicious ones. I looooove pasta, it is so variable and I enjoy to cook an eat it. 

Wish you all a nice evening and 

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