Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hey Lovers,

We went to my favourite place again yesterday and it was so extremely lovely. Although there were many clouds in the evening the temperature was warm and the atmosphere was extremely beautiful. Actually we decided to go there very spontaneous and just had a walk and took some pictures.

Again I wore my Vic MatiƩ heels and on my toe-nails I wore a pinky-coraly colour. I really love this shade and I absolutely like all pinks and corals and all colours that come close to it.

The jeans I wore are from the company Killah and used to be my absolute favourite jeans ever. I wore them more often than any other trousers and they actually got holes because I wore them that often. I actually got them to the couturier and wanted him to fix them but it didn't really work. I didn't want to give them away and kept them in my closet. 
Since destroyed jeans are very in style I simply cut out holes and made my own destroyed jean. 

In the park are living peacocks and I absolutely loooove them. I think they're the most beautiful birds ever and I am so fascinated by the looks of the male peacocks. 

I actually think that I cut the hole the left leg to big but I though think it looks good. A smaller hole would have been good but yeah can't glue it back on. 
Maybe I am going to cut them into shorts sometimes, if they'll still fit me. I have been wearing them since I was 12 or 13 I can't really remember when I got them exactly.

Anyways, I had a really beautiful late afternoon with my love and I enjoyed nature so much. Also I am extremely in love with those destroyed jeans. I have been wearing them more often lately. 

I wish you all a very nice afternoon and 

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Hey Lovers, 

Okay as you know my favourite Spring/Summer dish is Tomatoes with Mozzarella. HERE I told you about my normal recipe of the delicious dish but I used different ingredients to make it more special.

Tonight I tried out something completely new. I have never made or even eaten it before. 
A good friend of our family told me to  try this out. She absolutely loves Tomatoes with Mozzarella too but she had had it to often so she tried something different.


You might think... WHAT? But actually it tastes soooo extremely good and I am a real fan of it now.

It is very simple and all you need is:

Olive Oil
Lemon Juice 

Cut mango and  mozzarella as usual and arrange it on the plate.
For the dressing you use lemon juice instead of vinegar to give the whole meal a fresh taste. Mix lemon juice and olive oil as usual and add a bit of pepper and salt. Add as much chili as you like and pour the marinade over mango and mozzarella. Instead of fresh chili I used a chili-salt. Feel free to be a little bit creative and add the spices you like. 

I had some dressing left so I made a small bowl with salad but actually I didn't like the dressing with salad that much. I think it is to spicy for a green salad.

I wish you all a good night and