Monday, 29 April 2013


Hi everyone!

Okay this is going to be a very very short post. 
I just wanted to share this awesome video with you all! 

I actually found this on  Erica Mohn Kvam's blog and I watched it and was really impressed.

Todays society emphasises on beauty and a lot of people, especially girls, think that they are not beautiful enough, that they are not perfect enough. We are forced to look at all those perfect models wearing expensive and cool clothes, of course size zero. To be honest, I think the whole beauty thing is a lot of fun .Make-up, fashion, everything. But this fun end when girls and boys start to feel uncomfortable in their own skin.
What we all have to internalise is that everyone is gorgeous on her or his way.
Everyone on this planet has to struggle with their own imperfections, with their "problem zones". 
This might me normal, because we all are human but this video made me really sad although.

All those beautiful women described themselves less beautiful and they all seemed a little bit sad.
Then they had the comparison:
How they see themsleves? How others see them?

I think we all should be very very thankful, because we are healthy and have a good life. 
On bad days, I know we all have those, we need to think of those who are living in countries where hunger, war and poorness are the daily life. 
Think of those who have less, be thankful and you'll see all the problems won't be as big as they seemed.

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