Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hey Lovers, 

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to one of the most beautiful places in Innsbruck. To the Castle Ambras. 

I wore my new blazer from Primark I got the other day. It was a real bargain, I paid only 12 € for it. 

I paired my glitter sequin bottoms from ZARA and a simple black shirt to the blazer. 

My sunglasses are from Ray Ban. At the beginning I didn't like them that much but now I start liking them more and more. 

The necklace gave the top of the outfit a little sparkle. 
To light up the whole look I wore my beige Vic shoes I had gotten a few years ago but I have never worn them before. 

Now I am simply in love with them. They are really comfortable and I basically love Italian shoes. The design is always so chic, fashionable and very very futuristic. 

I am going to post an article on my newest shoes. They are all Italian and actually they are old but now they are the most fashionable shoes ever. But more on that later.

Anyways, we stopped at the restaurant in the old castle and drank coffee and ate "Apfelstrudel" and "Topfenstrudel", typical Austrian pastries. 
It's a puff pastry filled with either apple slices and raisins or curd and raisins. 
I really like this sweet dish. 

Before coffee and "Strudel" we took a long walk in the park around the castle. It is just beautiful there. I think this is now my favourite place in town. 

I love the nature so much. I like being there and taking walks. To me this is real harmony and I can relax the best out in nature. I grew up on a farm and I am used to be outside all day long.

Now I have to stay inside most of the day and I am living in a little town. 
Luckily the surroundings are natural and not far away.

Wish you all a beautiful day and


  1. Wow,you look amazing,the shorts are beautiful! :)


  2. Love it! So chic and sophisticated!

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