Monday, 21 October 2013


Hello Lovers,

today I wanted to share my FALL-MUST-HAVES for the upcoming season.

1: NAKED 2
It is not only a Fall-Must-Have, it is an all-time Must-Have! Seriously, I would definitely invest in a second NAKED palette because they are more than great. You have all colours you need. Most of them are wearable for every day but some of them you could definitely use for a night-out-look.

2: NARS Eye Liner Pencil
I am in love with this product. The intense black colour and the long lasting finish. A perfect match!

3: CLINIQUE Chubby Stick two ton tomato
This lip product is not only moisturizing, it also give the perfect colour and leaves a beautiful feeling on your lips.

4: CLINIQUE Superbalm Lip Treatment
One of my favourite lip balms I have tested yet. I can also recommend LIZ EARL 8hour cream Lip Conditioner but I would prefer CLINIQUE's Superbalm because it smells better.

5: BIOTHERM Lait Coroporel
A fresh scent, wonderful texture and moisturizing finish. This body cream has everything I like about body treatments combined.

The smell of vanilla, the colour of liquid gold - I enjoy using this product in the early morning before I blow dry hair. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and healthy.

7: BAOBAB COLLECTION Miombo Woodland Candle
Cold evenings are better inside - Hot chocolate, white tea, a good book or movie, some friends or a person you love. All these wonderful Autumn moments are getting better burning a wonderful smelling candle. I personally enjoy vanilla scents but I also love the scent of the Miombo Woodland Candle.

8: OPI From A to Z-URICH
Seriously, any burgundy, bordeaux or dark dark red is the perfect Fall colour. This is the one I own and it was in a limited collection.

9: AVEDA Hand Relief
I got this in America and I have to say it is one of the best hand creams I have ever used.

10: COS Cashmere Beanie
Black, Classical, Soft
The perfect Fall beanie.

When the rain is falling down you can't go wrong with beautiful HUNTER boots.
Comfortable, warm, stylish. The perfect mix.

What are your Fall-Must-Haves?

A beautiful Fall to everyone and

Friday, 18 October 2013


Hello Lovers,

Is there anything more romantic, glamourous and elegant than these two wonderful seasons?
I personally think, NO! 

The silent seasons with their magic it is just wonderful!

However, I collected a few inspiring picture I wanted to share with you, maybe they'll inspire you as well?

There's nothing better than wearing red lipstick during autumn when all the leaves turn yellow red an fall down to the earth. 
I love to take long walks in a cozy coat, cashmere hat and scarf, holding my darlings hand.

Hats, hats, hats...

When it is freezing cold outside and I maybe just got back from a walk I love to take a relaxing bubble bath, watch a movie, drink some hot chocolate or white tea and simply enjoy a late afternoon or evening.

I am absolutely in love with jeans. 

Jeans, leather and fur! 

These are my must haves for autumn and winter.

Elegant dresses!

Natural make-up with red lips!


Next week I am going to Great Britain with school.
I am so looking forward to it.
I have never been to London and I am so excited to see everything!

I can't believe that summer has gone so fast.
It has been the best summer ever and sooner or later you'll hear more about all my amazing adventures and experiences.

Anyways, I am totally looking forward to winter. It is my favourite season and I can't wait until the first snowflakes'll fall down and cover the world into a beautiful white blanket.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hello Lovers,

after a long time of endless rain showers and cold days Summer has finally arrived.
School's over and I had very good grades. :)

I have to apologize again, but I simply enjoyed my last days at school with all my friends and relaxed at home. Also, it took me a few days to move back in at home completely. But now I managed everything and I really like my room right now.

As soon I had unpacked my suitcases I had to pack them again. My mum was so kind and took me with her for a short relaxing-trip to our favourite SPA-Hotels. But more on that later.

This Summer is going to be one of the most impressing and stunning, but also very challenging experiences in my life. First of all I am taking a few days off at home and basically I am doing nothing at all. A little housework, cooking for my family and helping them in the shops. 

After that I am going on a road trip! AAAAH! How amazing is that? Yes, I know I am excited too.
My boyfriend and I are going to Italy for at least 10 days. We'll start in Venice and go down to Rome and then back up over Genova and Milan to Austria. Or maybe we're going to Switzerland? Who knows... 

After that, in August I am going to the United States of America! 
Exactly to New York City! 
Well I am staying with a family friend in his hometown Cheshire, Connecticut, where he runs a Restaurant. From there I am hopefully going to explore the East-Coast.
My brother did the same, just a bit longer when he was 18 and he saw so many places and meet a lot of new interesting people.
I am so excited to discover anything.

Later my brother and my boyfriend will come to visit me and we're going to visit Yale Campus, New York (of course), Washington, maybe Boston. 


I can't wait to see all these amazing places and I am so looking forward to it. 

What are your Summer-plans? 

I wish you all nice holidays, a great hot summer and 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hey Lovers,

We went to my favourite place again yesterday and it was so extremely lovely. Although there were many clouds in the evening the temperature was warm and the atmosphere was extremely beautiful. Actually we decided to go there very spontaneous and just had a walk and took some pictures.

Again I wore my Vic Matié heels and on my toe-nails I wore a pinky-coraly colour. I really love this shade and I absolutely like all pinks and corals and all colours that come close to it.

The jeans I wore are from the company Killah and used to be my absolute favourite jeans ever. I wore them more often than any other trousers and they actually got holes because I wore them that often. I actually got them to the couturier and wanted him to fix them but it didn't really work. I didn't want to give them away and kept them in my closet. 
Since destroyed jeans are very in style I simply cut out holes and made my own destroyed jean. 

In the park are living peacocks and I absolutely loooove them. I think they're the most beautiful birds ever and I am so fascinated by the looks of the male peacocks. 

I actually think that I cut the hole the left leg to big but I though think it looks good. A smaller hole would have been good but yeah can't glue it back on. 
Maybe I am going to cut them into shorts sometimes, if they'll still fit me. I have been wearing them since I was 12 or 13 I can't really remember when I got them exactly.

Anyways, I had a really beautiful late afternoon with my love and I enjoyed nature so much. Also I am extremely in love with those destroyed jeans. I have been wearing them more often lately. 

I wish you all a very nice afternoon and 

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Hey Lovers, 

Okay as you know my favourite Spring/Summer dish is Tomatoes with Mozzarella. HERE I told you about my normal recipe of the delicious dish but I used different ingredients to make it more special.

Tonight I tried out something completely new. I have never made or even eaten it before. 
A good friend of our family told me to  try this out. She absolutely loves Tomatoes with Mozzarella too but she had had it to often so she tried something different.


You might think... WHAT? But actually it tastes soooo extremely good and I am a real fan of it now.

It is very simple and all you need is:

Olive Oil
Lemon Juice 

Cut mango and  mozzarella as usual and arrange it on the plate.
For the dressing you use lemon juice instead of vinegar to give the whole meal a fresh taste. Mix lemon juice and olive oil as usual and add a bit of pepper and salt. Add as much chili as you like and pour the marinade over mango and mozzarella. Instead of fresh chili I used a chili-salt. Feel free to be a little bit creative and add the spices you like. 

I had some dressing left so I made a small bowl with salad but actually I didn't like the dressing with salad that much. I think it is to spicy for a green salad.

I wish you all a good night and 

Friday, 31 May 2013


Hey Lovers,

Since the weather is so bad all the time and I would love to stay inside all day long I had the idea to shoot inside. Well normally I don't like it that much but I have to honour to live in a absolutely gorgeous flat and so it isn't that bad at all.

Well I wanted to wear something summery although it was raining outside and I created this look.
The look is clean and chic and I really love the casual but though chic feel of it.

Lately I have been loving bright colours more and more. This blue silk-blouse is one of my favourite clothing idioms at the moment and of course I love the shoes. I had no chance to wear them outside.
I choose to pair the shoes to the blouse because orange is the complementary colour of blue and it matches perfect. 

On the eyes: GOSH Eyeshadow in BROWN
On the lips: ESTÉE LAUDER Lipstick - FIG 

I applied a bright lipstick because I think it matches the look best. The outfit is simple but has colour in it and in my opinion it looks much better to wear a bright colour on the lips to drag a little focus on it as well. 

Necklace: H&M
Blouse: ZARA
Trousers: 1921
Shoes: Vic Matié

Actually I'm trying to find "my style" and I am a person who can't decide between the "cool" and the "chic" fashion part. I tend to go with the chic part because I think it'll last longer and I have to say that there was a time I hated to go shopping because I always asked myself the same question: "Does this really fit you? Do you really need this?"
Lately I started to try out new thing and I stopped thinking to much. 
I know which colours fit me and I know that I won't buy any too cool idioms.
Normally I am into grey, beige, black white and all the other natural and very basic but though absolutely pretty colours and since I have stopped over-thinking about that whole clothing thing I bought a few "cooler" idioms and I absolutely love them.
Maybe I am going to be doing a collective haul on these idioms.

I am wearing ESSIE CAPRI on my toenails right now and I actually thought it was a little bit more red but I like it although. You have to know that I am the laziest person belonging to toenails. ;)

I wish you all a beautiful day and