Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hello everyone!

I love sale time at ZARA! Sometimes you get some really good deals. I also dent to buy something I wouldn't buy to full price. 

Today I want to show you what I got at this year's ZARA winter sale:

I only got three idioms because they didn't have to much pieces in my size. 
Actually they had more than I expected but I tried on a lot and the most of them didn't suit me. But okay I found a few beautiful pieces I love to wear already!

My first pick was a simple white t-shirt and actually it is a little to big for me but I loooooved the details on the shoulders! I had been looking for something like this for a long time and yes I saw I lot of shirts with details on the shoulders but they were never like I imagined them to be.

And it was worth waiting, I found one with the most beautiful shoulder details ever! I am in love! Plus it was a really good deal. I only paid 7,99 € for it.

My next good deal was this beautiful silk blouse.
I saw it and said to myself try it on. First i was a little skeptical about the colour.
Then I thought how I could wear it and I started to like it more and more. 

I am really happy that I got it. 
I paid 12,99 € for it. 

The last clothing idiom I got are those awesome shorts.
I just got them because of the sequins. 
These days I am pretty obsessed with everything that has sequins, sparkle and glitter on it.
I fon't know why but I just like it. 

I am not very sure how I am going to wear it and when but yeah - it has sequins on it! 

The price was 9,99 €, which is really good I think.

Wish you all a very nice day!

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