Tuesday, 23 April 2013


The last weekend was just perfect,
it was extremely hot and it actually smelled like Summer. 

My boyfriend and I stayed in Innsbruck over the weekend and on Sunday he had to study for some exams. 
Meanwhile I sat on my beautiful rooftop-terrace and took a veeeery long and very relaxing sunbath. 
After that we went to our favourite ice cream shop. 

Whenever I am in there I feel like I am somewhere in Italy. Plus they make soooo extremly delicious ice cream and it tasted exactly how it should. I hate it when I order a certain, for example Mango, ice cream and it doesn't taste like Mango.

They also have a cool system. You buy your cornet or cup in the size you like to have and then you can get as many different flavours as you like. 

I chose  chocolate (my favourite), passion fruit, raspberry and mango.

Then we took a little walk next to the river Inn. It was a beautiful view on the mountains. 
There is still snow on top of the mountains and I have to say that I really like this because I think that they are more beautiful if the are covered with snow than without. 
Although I looks like deep and cold Winter the temperatures were just like in Summer and I really enjoyed it.

I wore: 
Jacket: Peuterey 
T-Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Vintage
Shoes: Vicmatie
Sunglasses: Rayban
Bag: Primark

Here you can see a little bit of the back details of my shirt. I know it looks like lace but actually there are knitted wholes in the back of my t-shirt. It is also a little baggy and because of this I think it matches the casual cool look perfectly. 

There was a very romantic atmosphere that evening and I looooved it!

In the evening it still was warm enough to sit outside so we decided to have dinner on the terrace. I really liked the sky on this evening. 
We still had some meatloaf left that we got from my dad on Friday when we went home for a short visit. 
I cut it into little slices and fried in until crisp. I also roasted some corn and made a baby leaf salad.

I enjoyed sitting outside at night and the dinner. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as-well.

I wish you all the best and 

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  1. sehr schöne fotos, meine liebe, die jacke steht dir voll gut! :) :-*