Thursday, 4 April 2013


 Hello Easter Bunnies!

Sorry I know I had been gone for a little while but I just enjoyed my holidays and I also had to work. Now I am back in school and it’s actually pretty stressful although we have only a short week (Wednesday-Friday) because of the Easter-break.
Anyways, I hope you all had a great and beautiful Easter with your families and friends?

Those two Easter-Eggs are I found in our cellar and I made them when I was about six. When I found them I was pretty happy because I always enjoyed to create things like this. 

I put some catkin onto a silver plate and laid some vintage Easter eggs and my self-made  Easter eggs around it.

 Onto another silver plate I put egg-candles and also some catkin.

I love those green and yellow china-eggs and the little silver birds. I wanted to put some tea lights but I had to buy them first. 

I don’t know about you but I actually like Easter. I like the tradition behind this holiday, I like the little school-break and I just love being with my family.

Do you have a traditional way to celebrate Easter?

Well my family always had traditions and also on Easter:

When my brother and I were little children we were always very very excited. Maybe I was more excited than him but I think he was too.
Our parents woke us and we came down to have a delicious Easter breakfast. After that we went to church. Then we searched for our Easter baskets.
After that we went to our grandparents and had the usual Easter lunch:

Soup with sliced pancakes

Fried goat with potato salad


I always loved these dishes because we didn’t get them all the time. It was and is still something special.

After the lunch we always had coffee with some cake. And guess what? – We also had a huge dinner!

Between lunch and dinner we usually played cards and talked. We had always very very nice moments with the family. I always enjoyed Easter.

Since my grandparents have passed away we celebrate Easter at our home. We managed to keep our traditions and rituals. The only thing that changed is that we are less.
I’m a little sad about this but yes this is how life rules and I know that they’re in a much better place.

I found a big vase very I put the rest of the catkin.

I hanged all of the Easter eggs I found onto the catkin bouquet put this one lost its hanger. I took a match an cut it into a little piece where I knotted the hanger around. The I sticked the little piece of wood and the hanger into the hole on top of the egg and voila!

As you can see: It worked! 

Here is the finished look of the Easter-Bouquet.

I really wish you all a very beautiful and great day. 

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