Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Hello Lovers!

This post is another Inspiration-Post.

I love to take a look at pictures to get inspired. This month I looked at pictures of flowers, tanned girls and refreshing drinks and meals the most. I don't know why but maybe it's because Spring is coming soon.

Here in Austria we still have snow. To be honest normally I hate Spring because I usually always get ill at this season, everything is muddy and dirty and I hate that I never really know what I should wear in Spring because it's very cold in the morning and during the day it gets warmer and warmer and you'll get really hot and then I usually catch a cold. 

All in all this year I'm really looking forward to the Spring. I don't know why but yes I DO!

I'm not sick of the snow that's laying on mother earth here because I really like the world cover in white but I'm really looking forward to wear all those beautiful Spring and Summer clothes, to see, pick and arrange all the beautiful flowers, to hear the birds sing, to cook more light meals and eat them outside in the warming sun, to drink cold cocktails or ice tea with my lovely friends out in the evening sun, to get tanned, to smell this typical "Oh-It's-Spring-Smell" and to be in the awesome Spring-Mood.

Anyways, Iw as very inspired by all the following pictures:

Blue skies and sun...

I'm really looking forward to have drinks or to have dinner with my friends and my boyfriend and of course to get tanned on my lovely rooftop-terrace!

OMG, this looks so delicious, light and refreshing!
Definitely trying out a salad like this...

My current background of my laptop. This is my favourite flower-picture at the moment.

I  can't wait to wear summer hats! 

Such a cute dress...

Loved this picture of the girl wearing a beautiful flower wreath. 

I found this picture of Kristina Bazan from
I think this is one of the most beautiful pictures of her.
She's such an inspiration. 

I just loved this cup of tea and the cute little flowers in it. I also liked the glamourous and very vintage looking tea set.

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