Saturday, 6 April 2013


Hello everyone!

Today was one of those lovely days:

A lot of time, no stress and happy mood.

I started my saturday with a good and healthy breakfast. During the week I never have time for breakfast in the early morning. I eat something (usually a bread with some cream cheese) around 10:00 am in my first break at school.

I enjoy having time on weekends so I love to have a long and rich breakfast. Normally I would go with something sweet like a honey or jam bread but today I wanted to eat cheese, muesli and kiwi. 
I drunk one glass of vitamin-c and one glass of mango-organe-juice.
Actually this picture is old but I completely ate the same today and today's picture is not that good.
I liked the old one better.

In the afternoon I strolled around the city and found a few goodies.

I really enjoyed my day and I hope you had a great saturday too!

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