Monday, 4 February 2013



I am absolutely in love with statement necklaces. The last couple of weeks I have been addicted to them and I bought a lot of necklaces.

I really like how they turn a simple basic look into something special and glamourous.

Personally I think that you have to fall in love with this kind of jewelry first. For example: I wore only fine jewelry before I bought my first statement necklace. At the beginning I didn't really like it that much but then I started wearing it and I noticed that it was very fun to match with different pieces in my closet. I also got a lot of compliment and this pushed me to buy a few more statement necklaces.
Here are my favourite pieces and some ideas how I would combine them with will come soon!

Diamonds are girls best friends!


I really like this necklace, because I like to wear grey basic shirts and this goes very well with a lot of my grey blouses, shirts and pullovers.


This is one of my newest necklaces and I really like the freshness of the blue stones in it. I like the fact that it is a two-row necklace as-well.

Golden Fever!


I saw this piece at claires and yes, it was love at first sight. I really like the big and small white stones combined with the gold chains.


Here is one of my two minimalistic statement necklaces. I really like the plain design of this one. It is quite simple but though very elegant.


This is my other minimalistic piece. I love the same things than on the other one.  


I love to pair this necklace with all my white clothing idioms. I think it peps up every outfit.

Do you like statement necklaces as much as I do?

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