Thursday, 21 February 2013


Everyone knows it.... rummaging around in schoolbags to find something you need and the half an hour later you finally found it... and that's not what you want... so my advice:

Organize your Schoolbag!

I bought a sheet-holder, grabbed an old H&M make-up bag and my Furla-Triology.

I put my note book and some loose sheets in the sheet-holder.

All of my school supplies an Estée Lauder lipgloss and a MAC tinted lip conditioner are now in my pencil case. I also like to keep some bobby-pins.

The littlest Furla case is for my tissues.

In the biggest Furla case I keep bobby-pins, hair ties, a pen, lipgloss, lipstick, concealer, hand-cream, a lighter, a bag holder and my tickets.

I also like to keep a perfume sample in there.

Medicine bag...

Perfume, hand-cream, -baby-cream, deodorant and a hair brush are loose in my school bag.

I added this little bag to my keys so I don't have to carry my purse to school all the time.

And you see... The mess is now organized!

Everything is where I want it!

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  1. very nice... you should organize my bag, too!