Friday, 22 February 2013


MAC's Tinted Lip Conditioner

Hello! Here is another product review.

The product is also very hyped. I thought I try it out. I went to the MAC counter and choose the colour petting pink, because I liked it the best. It's a very casual colour for daily use. 

The lip treatment is really moisturizing and leaves behind good conditioned lips. 
I like the fact that the colour is actually visible. I tried out a few tinted lip conditioners from cheaper brands but I was not very satisfied by the pigmentation of them. 
Of course you won't get the pinkest lips ever, but that's not what we can require. 

All in all I like the product. I don't use it a lot but from time to time I go back to it. I just don't like to apply tinted treatments with my finger and I always forget to take a lip brush with me. 
But this is not changing my mind about the actual product.

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