Thursday, 7 March 2013


The Body Shop's Mango Body Butter

Hey everyone, here is another product review. 
In winter I tend to get very dry skin. I have tried so many body lotions, body creams, body oils and body butters. A lot of them did nothing to my skin, I felt that thy made my skin even dryer. Some of them were not to bad and helped a bit. But then I came across the Mango Body Butter:

I wasn't too exciting to use the product, because I was to a point were I said to myself: Stop trying tons of creams, nothing helps, it's a waste of money! 
The lady at The Body Shop told me that she's got dry skin too and she's using this product and it really helped her.
I thought, I have nothing too lose, either it'll help me or not. It was actually the smell that was encouraging me to buy the body butter. 

To me it smells like:
Mango, Freshness, Happiness, Summer, Good Mood

When I started using the body butter, I was very impressed how it felt on the skin. 
Then I used it for a couple of days and believed, that it was really helping me to have less dry skin. 
I applied it after every shower for a long time.
Guess what! - The Mango Body Butter helped me so bad! 

I am in love with this product. 

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  1. I only wear my body shop butter at night because it is very rich and creamy. My skin feels amazing in the morning. I bought the cranberry one in the christmas range.