Thursday, 10 January 2013



Every year the same: a ton of New Year's resolutions but we'll never stick to them? 

Anyways, this year I thought about my resolutions very precise. 

1) Remove make-up every single night, no matter how tired I am!

Yes! This is so important. Sometimes I am just to lazy to remove my make-up. 
I go and brush my teeth and go straight to bed... And then I am angry if I get pimples all over my face!!!! 

2) Go regularly to the gym!

Since this year I am member of a gym but I only was a view times.
I have to go regularly now, because: my parents have to pay the membership and I want to get fit!

3) Drink at least 3 liters of water each day!

I have my problems with drinking enough. I only drink something when I am thirsty or when I eat something. I know this is not very healthy and because of this I want to change my drinking-habits.

4) Blog regularly!

This is one of my biggest resolutions.  I really want to post a blogpost every day or minimum every other day. I know this won't happen all the time because of school. But I'll try my best to be consequent. 

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