Monday, 14 January 2013


Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Hey everyone, today I wanted to do a product review. The Too Faced Shadow insurance is actually a really hyped product. When I first started watching youtube videos I heard a lot of it. On my Mediterranean cruise I got the primer in Palma de Mallorca. Since then I have been using it all the time.

At first I was really excited to use it, but my first impression was pretty bad.  
In the tube the actual primer was not mixed together with the oily liquid, so this liquid always came out of the tube. I figured out that I had to mix the fluids together in the tube. I roll the tube between my fingers and knead the primer. 

Since the moment I had recognized this method I have been loving this product. It holds the eyeshadows perfect in place all day long and it is such a wonderful base. I also like the fact that the primer is matte and not shimmering, so you can also use it underneath matte shadows. 


  1. i had to roll the primer too.. it seems to separate quickly.. i prefer urban decay's primer potion but this one is great too :)

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    1. I really want to try out urban decay's primer potion but unfortunately it is not available in Austria. :(
      Many greets from Austria :)