Saturday, 5 January 2013



We all have a lot of make-up products in a ton of different variations, colours, textures, however, I personally always come back to my favourite prouducts. 
Why? Because, I love them and tehy work really good for me. 

I know it could be that one or even more products won't work as good for you as it did on me, but that's just very logical: Everyone has a different skin-typ, never forget that!

To start of:

I like primers, because they really help to hold all the make-up and eyecolours in place the whole day long.

For my face I have been currently using a cheaper primer from my local drugstore. It's by the brand cartice and so far I really like it. But I'm still testing a little bit. :)

I swear by the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I first got this about 2 years ago and I have been loving it since the. 

This miniature Dior Eyeshadow Palette is one of my favourite idioms ever. Actually this was a present for my mother but I tried it once and I loved it so much so I kept it. I know I shouldn't do that, but I LOOOOVE IT!!!

I am in love with my bronzer and cream blush from MAC as well.

There's a funny story behind this cream blush:
Once I walked to the mac-counter with one of my best friends and we talked to the nicest mac-lady ever. Then she tried out a view products on us. 
Suddenly she came with one bold pink and one bold orange coloured blush.
We said OMG this is to bold, but the she  applied it so lovely on our cheeks and we loved it.
Since then we had been using it everyday.
The bad thing is: It was limited edition :(

Those are my everyday shadows:

essence - creamy shadow in coffee cream

mac - yoghurt

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