Monday, 21 October 2013


Hello Lovers,

today I wanted to share my FALL-MUST-HAVES for the upcoming season.

1: NAKED 2
It is not only a Fall-Must-Have, it is an all-time Must-Have! Seriously, I would definitely invest in a second NAKED palette because they are more than great. You have all colours you need. Most of them are wearable for every day but some of them you could definitely use for a night-out-look.

2: NARS Eye Liner Pencil
I am in love with this product. The intense black colour and the long lasting finish. A perfect match!

3: CLINIQUE Chubby Stick two ton tomato
This lip product is not only moisturizing, it also give the perfect colour and leaves a beautiful feeling on your lips.

4: CLINIQUE Superbalm Lip Treatment
One of my favourite lip balms I have tested yet. I can also recommend LIZ EARL 8hour cream Lip Conditioner but I would prefer CLINIQUE's Superbalm because it smells better.

5: BIOTHERM Lait Coroporel
A fresh scent, wonderful texture and moisturizing finish. This body cream has everything I like about body treatments combined.

The smell of vanilla, the colour of liquid gold - I enjoy using this product in the early morning before I blow dry hair. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and healthy.

7: BAOBAB COLLECTION Miombo Woodland Candle
Cold evenings are better inside - Hot chocolate, white tea, a good book or movie, some friends or a person you love. All these wonderful Autumn moments are getting better burning a wonderful smelling candle. I personally enjoy vanilla scents but I also love the scent of the Miombo Woodland Candle.

8: OPI From A to Z-URICH
Seriously, any burgundy, bordeaux or dark dark red is the perfect Fall colour. This is the one I own and it was in a limited collection.

9: AVEDA Hand Relief
I got this in America and I have to say it is one of the best hand creams I have ever used.

10: COS Cashmere Beanie
Black, Classical, Soft
The perfect Fall beanie.

When the rain is falling down you can't go wrong with beautiful HUNTER boots.
Comfortable, warm, stylish. The perfect mix.

What are your Fall-Must-Haves?

A beautiful Fall to everyone and

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